7 Myths About Jewellery & Gemstones To Dispel

There are a few interesting myths people believe in. This curious phenomenon covers every sphere of our life, jewelry included. Here is a list of the 7 myths about precious metals and stones most of us believe in yet the reality is different.

Find out what the truth is!

1. Diamonds are the rarest stones
Diamonds are rear and rather difficult to find. Nevertheless, there even rarer gems in nature. This is the fact and it is recorded in the Guinness Book. It is interesting that there is no other precious stone that is as rear and special as painite.

2. Gold of three different colors
Shop assistants will probably ask you which gold you prefer: rose, yellow or white. Pure gold is always yellow. It changes its color only when other compounds are added. No matter how expensive and beautiful the jewelry is, if it is made of gold that has rosy or white color, it means that the gold is not pure.

3. Gold testing through biting
We all have heard that you can tell if the gold is real by biting it. They say that gold is a soft metal and if you bite it hard enough, you will see teeth marks in it. Actually, there are more metals that as soft as gold and have the same color. If you trust this myth you can one day buy a different metal instead of gold!

4. Indestructible diamonds
That’s myth number one. People think that diamonds are unbreakable. In fact, they can chip or crack. The truth is that the structure of the diamond is different from that of other materials. Diamonds are stronger than any other mineral and can cut or scratch most other materials. However this feature does not make them indestructible.

5. Pearls dissolve in vinegar
You can find a grain of truth in this statement. Of course it would take quite some time plus you would need to crush them first. It is very unlikely that you are going to carry out such an unusual experiment to test and prove the fact.

6. Opals attract bad luck
In Ancient Rome people considered opals to bring good luck. Times have changed and nowadays this precious stone is thought to attract bad luck. It is up to you to decide whether you believe this prejudice or not. The fact is that black opals are very unique and rarely found hence they are expensive.

7. The color of diamond reflects in its price
Diamonds are never cheap. Some say that the most precious hence the most expensive type of diamond is the blue diamond. As a matter of fact, there are other not less important criteria by which experts estimate the true value of the gem, such as its clarity, cut, carat weight and so on.


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